Regular Giving

Donate a small amount every month

A regular donation allows you to donate a small amount every month and helps us provide the services our community needs.

Examples of how your donation could help include:

£2 a month will contribute towards the cost of remembering each and every client on their birthday. Sending a birthday card to each client means no one needs to feel forgotten on their birthday.

£5 a month will provide one person in the community with a welfare pack on their doorstep. Welfare parcels range form craft/activity packs, teatime treats to help with small food hampers. These are especially welcome to clients who find it hard to leave the house, making people feel part of their community.

£10 a month will contribute to the cost of recruiting volunteers and can help us to provide essential training.

£50 a month will provide substantial support to help fund additional events and activities we run throughout the year for older clients, such as our annual Christmas Party.

To set up a regular donation please download the forms below, complete the details and send them to us for checking. We will then forward the details to your bank.

Do let us know that you have done this so that we can keep our records up to date and so that we can properly thank you.

Single Donations

If you are unable to make a regular donation but would like to offer a single, one off donation you can do this online through our JustGiving page.