Where do we find the money to provide these services?

The costs of managing the charity and providing the support we give to local people through our Befriending and Transport projects is quite considerable. So where does our money come from?

We rely on three main sources; our fund raising activities, support from grant giving charities, the local council and the generosity of local residents.

  • Fundraisingcomes from the rooms we let to local organisations, events we run and registration donations from our service users.
  • Grantswe receive generous support from grant giving charities.  Hampton Fund has been a strong supporter for very many years and the local council has also supported us regularly. But this is still not enough and we have to find other sources. This is not easy as there are many other charities chasing the same donors.
  • Donations – lastly, but by no means least, we have the generosity of local people with donations and legacies. These amounts obviously vary year by year and we have been trying to persuade more local people to commit to regular giving by direct debit or standing order. Gift Aided donations of course add 25% to any donation.

It is always a battle to raise all we need and if we cannot do so then services suffer. Regular donations can give us a solid base and confidence on which to plan and build our services for local people.

If you would like to join our existing donors by making a regular donation, then standing order forms are available at Greenwood Community Centre or a phone call will have one sent to you. Alternatively you can make a one off donation online today.

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Our Funders

Community Partnership (CILS)
Hampton Fund (formerly Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity)
The London Community Foundation
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames