Keeping the community informed about the services we offer is an ongoing challenge.

Being an “Ambassador” for our charity helps to ensure people who needs us know about how we can help them. As a local, trusted organisation we have excellent connections with Health and Social Care professionals; so if we cannot help we can guide people to the best options.

Making family and friends aware of what we do can also help those who may be caring for a family member, friend or neighbour. Some of our services that we offer can lighten the load on those who find they are in a caring role.

Additionally, Greenwood Community Centre is an excellent community resource and acts like a hub for many local organisations who use our rooms and halls. Rooms are available for private hire and provide a source of income to help manage the premises.

Local people can become our ambassadors by spreading the word about:

  • How we support older and vulnerable clients
  • The services we provide
  • What is on at Greenwood Community Centre
  • The range of services and activities available at the Centre
  • Encouraging people to visit our Centre to find out about what we do
  • Encourage people to support our charity by volunteering or making a donation

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care please call us on 020 8979 9662 or email for an informal chat.